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Welcome to Our

Tumbling Program!

Gymini's tumbling program is specifically designed for boys and girls aged between 6 to 18 years. We present two levels of tumbling classes. Both levels are structured to cater to the unique learning pace and style of every student, ensuring they get the most our of the tumbling experience. 


Ages 6-18yrs 

Our Tumbling classes are the ideal starting point for your child's tumbling journey. Experienced instructors patiently guide their students through fundamental skills like cartwheels, bridging skills, round-offs and back handsprings. We also incorporate basic techniques used in tumbling, dance, and cheerleading to provide a diverse and comprehensive introduction.

Elite Tumbling

Ages 6-18yrs 

Elite classes focus on enhancing and refining the skills our students have previously acquired. This level includes more complex tumbling including advanced flipping sequences. The Elite classes continue to promote fun while challenging the students to reach new heights in their tumbling journey. This class is by invitation only after a student has mastered a both a round-off double back-handspring and a standing back-handspring by themselves.

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