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Welcome to Our

Dance Acro Program!

Gymini’s Dance Acro program gives athletes the opportunity to practice a variety of Dance Acro skills that are ideal for routine choreography and fun to show-off to friends! Students practice skills on both the floor and tumbletrak in these classes. Dancers and gymnasts can grow their repertoire of tumbling skills and dance tricks in this specialized area of our tumbling program. 

Beginner Dance Acro

Ages 5yrs +

Students will learn a variety of skills such as handstands, headstands, cartwheels, one-handed and elbow cartwheels, bridge kickovers, elbow stands, and more. This class is perfect for beginners!

Intermediate Dance Acro

Athletes will continue to develop their acro skills, learning more awesome tricks like front and back walkovers, handstand forward rolls, shoulder rolls, headsprings, back handsprings, side aerials and more! Students must have a strong cartwheel, handstand, and bridge kickover to enroll in this class.

Advanced Acro

Our Advanced Acro class is for middle and high school aged athletes only. Join this class to learn the top 3 most requested skills in dance team choreography - aerials, headsprings, and kip-ups!

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