Recreational Gymnastics
Gymini's Recreational Gymnastics classes introduce a variety of gymnastics skills as well as agility and strength work in a fun environment!
Level 1 Gymnastics (ages 5 and up):  Level 1 Gymnastics includes forward and backward rolling, handstands, headstands, cartwheels, and bridges as well as walking and jumping on the balance beam and pullovers and casting on bars. Each week athletes will train 3  events and trampoline. Our Gymnastics 1 classes are split by age, with 5-6-year-olds in a class and 7-year-olds and UP in another class. This divide creates a tailored instruction for each group.
Level 2 Gymnastics (ages 5 and up):  Level 2 Gymnastics includes more difficult skills such as bridge kick overs, handstand rolls, round offs, rolls and handstands on beam, and pullovers, casts, back hip circles on bars. Each week athletes will train 3 events and trampoline.  
Advanced Recreational Gymnastics (ages 5 and up):  Our highest level recreational class continues to introduce a variety of skills and push our gymnasts to achieve new skill goals. 
GYMINI GYMSTAR TEAM: This recreational competitive team allows gymnasts to add a new layer to their gymnastics experience. GymStar gymnasts work skill development as well as routine preparation and compete in 4-5 competitions per year. This program is by invitation only. 

Boys Agility Class: Boys agility classes focus on basic gymnastics skills on the floor, bars, vault, and trampoline!  Skills include forward and backward rolls, handstands, and round-offs on the floor, handstands on the vault, pullovers and casting on the bars.  Classes also incorporate strength, running, and speed training.

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