Gymini Families,

Below is our current policies and procedures. Please know these are in place to help us keep our students and coaches as healthy as possible so classes can continue uninterrupted. We truly appreciate your support of Gymini during this time. 

Adults inside are no longer required to wear a face covering. Gymini coaches are no longer required to wear a face covering.   We ask that all families inside the building be respectful of spacing. 

WHERE TO ENTER: Preschool Program preferred entrance is through the main front door (concrete steps). Recreational, Tumbling, GymBug and GymStar preferred entrance is through the back door by the orange cones or side entrance up wooden stairs.  

TIME TO ENTER: Please do not enter the building until close to your child's class time. The majority of our classes are scheduled with a gap between start times, but we have few classes (Wednesday and Friday especially) with back-to-back classes. If you enter the building closer to start time, we can limit the number of people in the space for an extended time.


DROP OFF: If your school aged child is comfortable, you can drop them for classes. A parent MUST walk them into the gym and return inside the gym for pick up. No child should walk the parking lot unattended. Parents that choose to drop their child for classes should ensure contact phone numbers are updated ( )

REMAINING IN THE GYM: Preschool Program parents are required to have 1 parent remain in the gym while their student is in class.  We ask that they limit to 1 as often as possible as to make room for other preschool parents.  We encourage parents to share in the viewing of their child by rotating who attends with the child.  Recreational, Tumbling, GymBug and GymStar parents may stay if their child is not comfortable being dropped off, however, please remember we have limited seating and ask parents to socially distance themselves. 

IN CLASS: Most of our classes are now full but all classes are operating at a lower student to coach ratio than pre-covid and will continue to do so. The time gap between most classes will continue to allow the lobby to empty. Gymini coaches will provide hand sanitizer before/during/after classes to the students and clean key equipment multiple times per night. Each night, the gym area is sprayed with disinfectant and the lobby areas fully cleaned.

Again, the Gymini staff greatly appreciates your cooperation and understanding on our face covering requirement and current procedures. We appreciate the Gymini families working with us for the safety of our students, families, and staff. 

Thank you,


Owner, Gymini Athletics