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Preschool Gymnastics Programs
Boys and Girls - Ages 16 months - 4 years
The Gymini Athletics Preschool Playhouse is focused on our future athletes...PRESCHOOLERS! We offer 3 levels of preschool gymnastics, and each 45-minute class includes lessons in beginning gymnastics skills, agility, and FUN! 
 Mini Movers (16 months-3-year-olds):  Mini Movers is a parent-child class offered to children ages 16 months to 3 years and focuses on movement. Each week students will learn skills such as climbing, rolling, jumping, crawling, swinging, and sliding as well as basic gymnastics skills and terms. With your help, your Gymini instructor will build a strong foundation in athletics for your child.
Fantastic Flippers (3-5-year-olds):  Fantastic Flippers will learn primary gymnastics skills such as handstands, cartwheels, forward and backward rolling, pullovers, and pull-ups.  They will also learn basic agility and strength moves.
Super Stars (advanced 4-5-year-olds):  Super Stars is for 4 and 5-year-olds who have mastered most skills in our Fantastic Flippers class, but are not quite ready for a Level 1 gymnastics class. Super Stars will focus on handstands, cartwheels, backward rolling, pullovers, and pull-ups. The class will be held in the “big gym” allowing them to show off their listening ears and ability to take turns. Super Stars is an invitation-only class.

Flip for Fun Tumbling Program
Boys and Girls - Ages 6-18 years

Gymini's tumbling classes are designed to improve all aspects of tumbling for dancers, cheerleaders, and those that want to learn to flip for fun! All tumbling classes spend time on the floor and the trampoline to train skills from the beginning level to the advanced level.  

Gymini Tumbling Classes (Ages 6 and up):

Gymini offers several levels of tumbling classes designed to coach students on round-offs, back handsprings as well as a variety of skills for tumbling, dance, and cheerleading.


Gymini Dance Acro Classes (Ages 5 and up):
Gymini's dance acro classes will train an assortment  of dance acro skills. Curriculum includes handstands, cartwheels, one-handed and elbow cartwheels, freezes, round-offs, bridge kickovers, front and back walkovers, chin stands, elbow stands, headstands, spiders and headsprings. 

Girls Recreational Gymnastics Programs
Girls only - Ages 5-18 years

Gymini's Recreational Gymnastics classes introduce a variety of gymnastics skills as well as agility and strength work in a fun environment!

Level 1 Gymnastics (ages 5 and up):  Level 1 Gymnastics includes forward and backward rolling, handstands, headstands, cartwheels, and bridges as well as walking and jumping on the balance beam and pullovers and casting on bars. Each week athletes will train 3  events and trampoline.
Level 2 Gymnastics (ages 5 and up):  Level 2 Gymnastics includes more difficult skills such as bridge kick overs, handstand rolls, round offs, rolls and handstands on beam, and pullovers, casts, back hip circles on bars. Each week athletes will train 3 events and trampoline.  
Level 3 Gymnastics (ages 5 and up):  Our highest level recreational class continues to introduce a variety of skills and push our gymnasts to achieve new skill goals. 

Gymini GymStar Team
Girls only - Invitation only 
This recreational competitive team allows gymnasts to add a new layer to their gymnastics experience. GymStar gymnasts work skill development as well as routine preparation and compete in 4-5 competitions per year. 
Boys Ninja Classes
Boys only - Ages 5-13 years

Gymini's Boys Ninja Class is 60 minutes of pure agility, super strength and non-stop fun! Ninjas will utilize obstacle courses, trampoline, bars, and more to improve stamina, build aerial awareness, and develop mental focus. The program provides a great foundation that will prepare your child to participate and excel in all sports. 

Developmental and Competitive Team
Girls only - Invitation only
Gymini follows the USA Gymnastics Junior Olympic Program for all of our developmental and competitive team programs. Practice schedules vary depending on the gymnast's level.
Please contact us for additional information or to set up an evaluation for the developmental or 
the competitive team program.